Previewing: Benefit Companies -- Sustainable Business Models

Benefit Companies are gaining recognition and momentum among business leaders. For any attorney whose practice involves counseling clients on entity choice and formation, this CLE offers a primer and resource guide regarding these new business models. Certified B Corporations, Benefit Corporations, and the most recently enacted Pennsylvania Benefit LLC entities require a multi-stakeholder approach to business. Benefit Companies are not synonymous with Social Enterprises. While there is some overlap, the vast majority of Benefit Companies simply provide products or services without trying to address a particular societal or environmental need (examples include Ben & Jerrys, Patagonia, Method, Seventh Generation, Plum Organics, Kickstarter, etc). Attendees will learn the differences between Certified B Corporations and Benefit Companies, the key legal components of a Pennsylvania Benefit Company, and get sample resources to set up one of these entities.

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