Previewing: Where There is a WILL, There is a Way: Be a Steward for Inclusion

Law firms and corporate legal departments benefit when attorneys of all backgrounds gain the skills and opportunities necessary to ascend the ranks and develop into high-performing leaders within their organizations. Ensuring that all attorneys have those opportunities requires more than just mentoring. When senior attorneys advocate on other attorneys' behalf, seek opportunities for them, and/or take an active role in their development as attorneys and leaders, the attorneys are much more likely to become high-performing leaders and to remain in their organizations.
Studies routinely show, however, that women in the workplace are not receiving the mentorship or sponsorship that their male colleagues receive. In the wake of widespread media reports of sexual harassment, this problem is getting worse. Research indicates that almost half of male managers are uncomfortable participating in common work activities with women, such as mentoring, working alone or socializing together. This is an enormous setback.
The ACBA Women's Institute for Leadership in Law (WILL) was specifically designed to help support our participants in WILL with access to a "steward." Each steward serves a vital role in helping address the critical need for mentorship, sponsorship and stewardship of our women leaders.

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