Previewing: Legal Impact -- Concussions In The NFL And NCAA

The NFL's concussion litigation has garnered significant attention from the mainstream media, the legal community and even everyday fans. ACBA member Jason Luckasevic was at the forefront of this litigation, and in this program, he will discuss his filing of the first two lawsuits against the NFL for its failure to properly handle head injuries. This course will highlight the legal theories that were pled against the NFL and co-defendants. It will discuss the science and causation of brain injuries and the various obstacles and legal defenses raised in motions. Finally, it will cover the settlement and continuing litigation against the NFL and helmet manufacturers.

Diana Nickerson Jacobs will discuss concussion litigation relating to college sports. Specific topics will include litigation that is pending in state and federal courts and the class action settlement providing for medical evaluations for current and former NCAA athletes. Additionally, the consideration of such legal issues as duty, causation, inherent risk and assumption of the risk will be discussed.

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